Goals of Institutional Strategic Planning

    • Articulate a common vision, values, and priorities 

      Identify short and long-term goals

    • Establish benchmarks to measure progress

    • Establish public accountability reporting

    • Determine how resources and energies are directed

    • Give us all an opportunity for important conversations – reconnecting and re-envisioning our futures as we return to campus

    A new Strategic Plan enables an institution to capitalize on opportunities to grow and thrive – opportunities that we as a community decide are important to us.

    Planning Process: Guiding Principles

    • Be inclusive, engage the campus and community

      Ensure lived experiences and goals of diverse communities are key to planning so that the ultimate strategic plan fosters an increasingly just, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming campus

    • Provide opportunities for the campus community to listen, learn and share

    • Strive for transparency through extensive and timely communications and numerous opportunities for input and feedback

    • Emphasize a process that encourages collective learning, supported by research and analyses drawing on multiple sources and forms of data.

    • Build stronger community engagement

    • Be inspirational, focus on excellence, impact, and growth

    • Be practical and recognize that in some cases a phased approach may be necessary